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Since it’s creation, Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment (CASBE)’s vision is to lead Victoria towards a sustainable built environment through effective planning and demonstration of good design. It has grown from 3 member councils to 18.


Over the past 10 years,  CASBE member councils have developed the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) framework to provide a streamlined and consistent methodology for requesting sustainabile design outcomes in buildings through the planning process.

Session Objective:

To promote understanding of sustainable design and equip built environment professionals with knowledge and tools to advocate for better design outcomes.



Urban Designers, Strategic Planners, Statutory Planners and Building Project Managers.


The 4-hour session is designed will equip planning professionals with the tools and knowledge to evaluate development proposals (at planning stage) using the SDAPP process. The planning stage is an ideal stage in the lifecycle of a project for planning professionals to advocate for changes in the design of buildings.

"I know the staff that attended got a lot out of it – it was great to hear many staff talking afterwards about how they can incorporate what they learnt directly into their day to day roles. Your real world knowledge and experience was particularly valuable to quickly gain the respect of attending staff from the Statutory Planning and Capital Works departments. Combined with a lovely delivery style, the training sessions were very enjoyable and useful for us. Thanks again!"

Natasha Hildebrand-Lockie, Greenhouse Officer 

Hume City Council

Urban Digestor works across local government and industry and understands the challenges of creating sustainable buildings from multiple perspectives. We have experienced the complexities involved in the design and construction of buildings. We have also seen the positive influence local governments have on sustainable building outcomes for their communities. With our unique experience, we want to share our knowledge and skills to promote better built outcomes that contribute to the co-creation of sustainable communities.

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