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Urban Digestor is a team with architectural and engineering backgrounds focused on evolving sustainable building design.

We achieve this by working collaboratively with our clients to leverage our integrated expertise. A cornerstone of our business philosophy is innovation through effective collaboration. Sustainable outcomes can only be achieved through the engagement of the design team and stakeholders. Our services are based on an end to end project delivery model. This allows our scope of work to be tailored to drive sustainability outcomes across the entire building procurement lifecycle.



From concept to final projects occur in cycles.

We want to be involved in the whole cycle to gain further understanding,

improve processes and for the pure enjoyment of creation.

Respect for life 

We have a profound respect for nature’s intelligence. We always act responsibly and seek to achieve positive environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes in every project.


The word ‘individual’ originates from Latin individuus, (in = not, dividuus = divisible). We acknowledge the pure potentiality of individuals and work together to produce beautiful outcomes.

Environments for growth

We aim to create environments where people can discover, learn and empower themselves

Building understanding

We digest to get the whole picture. 

By constantly cultivating honest, respectful and meaningful communication we work towards achieving a shared vision.

Exploration & ingenuity

We enjoy exploring new concepts and ingenious ways to not only solve problems but realise new ideas and ways of doing. 

Open & perceptive

We listen with all our senses to gain understanding knowing there is alaways an opportunity to learn. Through collaboration, research and feedback we strive to continually imnprove.

We are our word

We deliver what we say we will and more.





Ben is an ecological designer with an architectural, construction and consulting background. Ben has worked in local government for the last 7 years where he project managed the Sustainable Design in the Planning Process (SDAPP) framework at numerous councils, as well as, other built environment sustainability projects ranging from sustainable building policy development to district energy services feasibility studies. Ben’s local government experience is supported by his extensive design and consulting expertise enabling him to bring an innovative and hands on perspective to projects that ensures the technical, economic and social aspects of ESD can be delivered.



Imm has over 9 years’ experience in the building industry both locally and overseas. Her skills are multifaceted; she is one of a handful of certified PassivHaus designers in Australia and has exceptional graphical and environmental modelling skills. Consequently, she brings a grounded and research based approach to projects to ensure ESD is easily communicated and achieved. Assimilating her passion for ecological construction and interest in health, Imm brings an evidence based design approach to creating healthy buildings that support and promote user health.



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