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Through our work in local government and the private sector built environment professionals have highlighted the need for better resources, knowledge and skills to promote better design outcomes in relation to daylight. To address this gap and contribute to the broader discussion that is occurring around daylight we have developed this session for planning professionals.

Daylight Knowledge Share for Planning Professionals


Session Objective:

To promote understanding of daylight and equip built environment professionals with knowledge and tools to advocate for better design outcomes.



Urban Designers, Strategic Planners, Statutory Planners and Building Project Managers.


The half day or 2 by 2-hour sessions are designed to promote an understanding of daylight and equip planners with the knowledge and tools they need advocate for better daylight outcomes in planning applications. The session will enable planners to quickly assess the daylight performance of development applications at the planning stage and provide relevant design advice on improving daylight amenity.

“The daylight modeling training was run over two sessions of approximately two hours each. The training looked at the current industry standards (Green Star, BESS, SDAPP, NCC, Moreland Apartment Design Guidelines), together with group exercises for assessing daylight modeling. The training was very informative, and Ben’s extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and practical tools provided a greater awareness and understanding of daylight modeling of apartment buildings. I would have no hesitation in recommending the training to other Local Government Planning Departments to increase their awareness and also to provide practical tools to assist planners in the assessment of daylight modeling.”

Jeremy Hopkins, Acting Team Leader Statutory Planning City Development

City of Kingston

The knowledge share session cost is $4,000 (excl GST) for 12 -15 people. We understand that the level of interest in your organisation will need to be gauged. To this end we have created a pre-session survey that can be sent to relevant members of your organisation to assess their interest in the session and level of knowledge around daylight issues. This survey can be used to tailor program content to the needs of participants. Leave your contact details below and Will from our office will be in touch with further information.

Thank you for your interest. We will be in touch with further information!

There is an increasing body of research that links health and wellbeing to daylight access. One such study concluded that a lack of exposure to daylight can lead to poor sleep, reduced vitality and quality of life.

The survey results of the Better Apartments project by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect identified that of 14 polled topics "Daylight" is viewed as the top issue.

Urban Digestor respects the skills and knowledge of built environment professionals across local government and the private sector, from planners, to engineers, architects and developers. Our Knowledge Share sessions leverage this diverse experience and expertise to build a solid foundation to co-create sustainable communities from. 


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