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Indoor Air Quality for Earth Day 2016

Earth Day began in 1970 in the United States and became a global movement in 1990. 2016 marks its 46th year and as the world mobilises to address climate change and the associated effects of environmental degradation it is clear that it is more relevant than ever.

At Urban Digestor we’re celebrating with the gift of Indoor Air Quality. Our favourite co- creators will be receiving spider plants to help improve their breathing space. With this in mind, we thought we’d offer some brief thoughts on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – yet another space in which an ecological focus can help benefit the health of people and their enterprise.

Some quick facts:

  • Common indoor air pollutants include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • VOCs are released from plastics and synthetics which can be found in glues, carpets, furnishings and computers. Cleaning products, cooking, perfumes and heating systems can all be contributors.

  • A CSIRO study has found that Indoor air quality is often poorer than outdoor air quality (in Australia) because pollutants can arise from so many places and ventilation is often inadequate.

  • Poor indoor air quality can have health impacts and has been associated with headaches, dry eyes, nose and throat and wooziness. Study

At Urban Digestor we’re all about co-creating healthy built environments. A simple way to improve the quality of the air in your current home or office is to just add nature! Even one medium sized-plant in a room can do wonders for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide, VOCs and other air pollutants, and of course, it will also add oxygen to the air.

An excellent study undertaken by NASA in the late 80s shows the best indoor plants for improving air quality and many of these require very little attention for them to keep up their good work.

For those who have received the little life air-cleaners, here is some info on caring for spider plants.

So go forth and find your own way to celebrate and care for our beautiful planet. With the World Environment day coming up on June 4th, pay it forward by participating in a local activity on that day!

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